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Hello and welcome to our page! 

Welcome to the world of SteWine –Tenerife's most innovative wine and food tasting experienceDelight your taste buds, learn something new and engage in friendly competition!


Our activities will introduce you to high quality regional wine and food products in an exciting atmosphere. 

This unique project adds a special touch to social events and corporate get-togethers. Breaking the ice and team building for both intimate and larger groups has never been so fun and tasty!


About us

Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success

steWine is the brainchild of Anna Stevan. Born in Italy, Anna's search for excellent food and wine has led her to fast-paced cities and countryside vineyards.

Her professional experience in London casinos, event agencies and various wineries in Italy and in Spain inspired the steWine, wine tastings and wine casino concept.

The project teases out nuances in great food and wine while engaging participants in a fun, game-like atmosphere. It is particularly well suited to encourage group team building.


This project brings together professionals from hospitality, event management and music backgrounds. Our international team is made up of people who love good food and the hedonistic world of wine.


Our events pay special attention to food and wine from the Canary Islands and can easily be adapted to your event.

We invite you to experience steWine's innovative approach and enjoy high quality products.


Our events are available in English, Spanish and Italian. German and French are available upon special request.