steWine Casino 

 Betting on your senses! 

What is the steWine Casino?

steWine Casino is a funny and innovative way to encourage team building by combining wine and an exciting casino atmosphere.

The game takes place around specially designed casino tables. Instead of numbers and cards, the names, varieties and other characteristics of the grape and of the cheese appear on the casino table.

stewine Casino apuesta1jpg 

During the game, participants try wine from an unmarked bottle. With help from the croupier, the group follows a set of clues, guiding them to discover characteristics of the secret wine and cheese.

Following the explanations, hints and a taste test, participants place their bets. Once all bets are on the table, the wine is revealed. Participants can enjoy the last of the wine in their glasses while learning more about the showcased item and its production.  

At the end of the game, players can use their chips to participate in a raffle to win delicious food and wine related prizes.


Why have a steWine casino at your event?



we offer entertainment, elegance, glamour and surprise.

original and innovative activity

explore Canarian culture and discover delicious regional specialties

    have fun in a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates good group dynamics


How many people can participate?

steWine events can accommodate groups of 10 to 250 participants

(please get in contact with us for larger groups)


How long does it last?

About 2 hours (including introduction, game and auction). 

The time can vary depending on the number of participants and the groups' schedule.


Where and when?  

At any event, activity, dinner, business meeting, happy hour or celebration.

In indoor and outdoor spaces

anywhere in the Canary Islands

night or day, when the event works best for your group


Not sure where to have the event? 

We are happy to help and can recommend stunning locations for your event. 

We work with several local partners, offering distinct environments for your gathering. 

Contact us to find out more – we are happy to help!