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Life is too short to drink bad wine


Wine tasting has converted into a formal and highly technical practice which can seem daunting, even to wine lovers. 

At steWine, we bring the magic and fun back to wine tasting. Learn to interpret wine and hear it's story; where it was born, where it grows and it some cases, how it ages.


steWine 's innovative approach engages all senses on a fun and lively journey of local food and drink specialties with knowledgeable and professional staff.  

All tastings are personalized and can be adapted to the groups' needs and interests. Each presentation combines explanations of local culture, technical details and anecdotes about the wine and its producer.


Tastings can be adapted to both formal and informal settings in different places, be on a catamaran, during a beach excursion, during happy hour, after a meeting or in a hotel. 

Entertain business travelers, tourists or friends. It is our pleasure to offer you a special event at distinctive locations to impress your guests and make your outing a success.


Tastings last approximately 1.5 hours but can be personalized depending on your schedule and budget.


A toast to Tenerife


Malvasia wine is perfume for the blood” - Humbolt


After only five days in Tenerife, Humbolt realized the potential of its slands' wines and began to promote Malvasia as no one had before him.


The Canary Islands boasts ten Protected Denomination of Origin, five of which are in Tenerife. The islands' strong cultural and commercial history greatly impacted and boosted the wine industry.


In the tasting, “A Toast to Tenerife”, participants will learn about Tenerife's history and heritage. Thanks to its busy ports, wine was easily transported to far-off destinations by foreign boats engaging in trade on the island.


In this journey, participants will discover the birth of wine from colonization to modern times and the rise of the importance of wine for the islands' economy.


Lucky Islands


In this tasting, participants will discover treasures of volcanic Canarian wines

These wines survived Phylloxera wine blight which devastated many European vineyards in the late 19th century. The mainland wine industry rebounded when scientists discovered that wines could be protected by grafting European wines onto American rootstocks.


Never having suffered from phylloxera, vines in the Canary Islands offer consumers a rare opportunity to drink wines made from original ungrafted vines. The old strains have a strong root system that reach deeply into the soil, infusing wines with an extensive flavor palette.


Experience rare wines fed by the volcano and the sea, 

at just few kilometers away from the largest world's desert.

 Unique geographic and climatic factors heavily influence the vine. Tenerife is home to the oldest vineyard in Europe, which is heavily influenced by unique geographic and climatic factors which produce a mature grape with several nuanced notes.


To drink Canary wine is to taste history and heritage.

Spanish Wine Tasting


This tasting will introduce participants to the most representative and important wines of Spain. The Iberian Peninsula has an extensive wine history and many of its regions, such as La Rioja, are known internationally. 

The country is also the world's largest producer of organic wine. 

In total, Spain offers 69 Protected Denomination of Origin across 17 regions ranging widely in climate and geography resulting in a surprising diversity of excellent wines. 

More than 400 varieties of grapes are cultivated to produce world renowned Spanish wines.


This tasting can be accompanied by light snacks of ham, cheese and olives depending on the wishes of the group.


This tasting can be adapted to feature tastings of sherry, olive oil or crafted beer.


Discover all the flavors of Spain!