Team Building

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win chanpionship "

- Micheal Jordan -

We offer various team building activities to help your team get to know each other, improve inter-personal relations and collaboration.  

Move your next team meeting to a winery or countryside estate. Be inspired by new surroundings, and let your team build relationships over good wine and food.  

steWine activities provide a motivational environment, perfect for showcasing and encouraging the talents of all participants.


We work with companies to design, organize and manage all types of activities, shaped to fit your company and your team's needs. 

We help our clients make unforgettable moments in an entertaining and fun atmosphere.


Are you a travel/event company or tour provider? Feel free to contact us regarding your groups' needs.

steWine Casino

This activity focuses on team building and group entertainment through the discovery of Canarian wine and cheese culture.
The pleasure of tasting and the world of casinos come together as an innovative opportunity to create a fun and memorable experience.

The game takes place around specially designed casino tables. 

Instead of numbers and cards, the names, varieties and other characteristics of the grape and of the cheese appear on the casino table.
During the game, participants taste wine from an unmarked bottle. With help from the croupier, the group follows a set of clues, guiding them to discover characteristics of the secret wine, cheese or aroma they are tasting.

Following the explanations, hints and a taste test, participants place their bets. Once all bets are on the table, the wine ore cheese are revealed.

At the end of the game, players can use their chips to participate to an auction 

in order to win delicious food and wine related prizes.


WineMaker for a day

WineMaker for a day is the perfect activity to develop teamwork and/or product launch planning, or simply having fun among friends and colleagues. 

It is an interactive team building that allows participants to explore the art of mixing qualities and characteristics up, both in wine and between colleagues, as well as developing marketing and sales strategies.
Guests are divided into teams. 

A mixing station is assigned to each one of them where they will find three wines of different varieties, a mixing kit, a tasting sheet and a wine aroma wheel.

steWine staff will guide the guests through the process that winemakers adopt to mix wine; each group will create its own combination by mixing and combining the different varieties and designing its own representative label.
The game ends with a Wine Contest where the leaders of each team present their own wine that will be blind tasted by steWine’s judges to determine which team is going to win the final prize.

After an initial introduction to the wine tasting method, the participants are served five unknown wines, usually Canarian or Spanish wines. 

The competition consists of following the indications and suggestions of the game conductor/sommelier to complete a test with the help of a technical data sheet. 

The team that delivers the best test will receive a gastronomic prize for each participant.

The pleasure of tasting

Work towards common objectives

The satisfaction of learning by having fun

Sharpen communication skills

Development of creativity

Make decisions effectively

Adaptable to different places


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